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Here at Kalamazoo Aircraft, Inc. we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to all our clients. Our award-winning professionals will take the time to understand your individual issues and complete your repair or modification in the most effective manner.

  1. Annual and 100 hr inspections
  2. Major and minor alterations/repairs
  3. Pre-purchase inspection
  4. Cirrus Service Center
  5. AmSafe Installation Center
  6. Beryl D'Shannon Modifications
  7. JPI Installations
  8. Tornado Alley Turbo Installation and Service Center
  9. TCM Factory Warranty Repairs
  10. STC kits and modifications
  11. Computer AD research
  12. Exhaust system repairs and modifications
  13. Engine installations and repairs
  14. Interior refurbish and repairs
  15. Second opinion and estimates
  16. Radio and instrument installations
  17. Propeller Inspection and Maintenance
  18. STOL kits and conversions
  19. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs
  20. Major Structural Modification and Repairs
  21. Landing Gear, Wheel and Brake Repairs
  22. Turbine Engine Inspections and Repair
  23. Engine Top Overhauls
  24. Removal and Installation of Fuel Cells
  25. De Ice Boot Installations and Repairs
  26. Pressurization Systems Inspections and Repairs
  27. Electrical Systems Inspections and Repairs
  28. Tip Tank installation for Bonanza
  29. Oil analysis
  30. FAR 91.411 part 43 Appendix E and 91.413 Part 43 appendix F
  31. Altimeter and Transponder Certification